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Gili Air - Lombok, Indonesia.

Ever daydreamed of yourself laying on a beautiful beach under the blue sky
and when you step your feet into the water you can see how clear and beautiful it is?
Well, I turned it into reality and the first thing that came on my mind was " WOAH AM I DREAMING OR IS THIS REAL LIFE!?" That's a phrase one of my friend used to say a lot.

Let me take you with me on my journey to Gili Air a small islands in Lombok, Indonesia.
There are total of three islands: Gili Terawangan, Meno, and Air.
Terawangan is the most talk about one as it has more party scene and filled with tourists.
Meno is the most chilled and more suitable for a romantic getaway.
Air is the combination of both islands where it's super chilled, family friendly and at the same time has bars with live bands and restaurant around island.

I will share my budget with you but that does not include my flight ticket as it changes according to the period that your going and apart from that I'm a cabin crew so I got a special rate for it.
I did check for Airasia from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok 
starts from the price of RM300 up to RM1k ++
so perhaps you might want to book in advance to get the cheapest rate!

Day 1
Once you arrived Lombok International Airport, 
you'll be clearing immigration, get your baggage and once you're out from the arrival hall 
there is a few travel agencies or transportation services. 
Go to them and ask for Bangsal Harbor. It should cost you around 200k to 300k Rupiah for one car.
You can try bargaining with them and if they said that there's no more speed boat from the harbor anymore. It is not true!

This is what happened to us, they said that there's no more speed boat services anymore only slow boat that will take 45 minutes. So they offered 650k Rupiah to send us with the car (2 hours drive) and a private boat will pick us up and it'll take 10 minutes to the island.

 When we arrived in Gili Air we found out that the public fast boat from Bangsal to Gili was still running and it only cost 85K per pax.

Good thing taking their car service is that if you're hungry they'll make a pit stop for you at one of the restaurant near the airport.

Gili Air Harbour ( Boat Fair- 85K per pax)

Crystal clear water even at the Harbour

We stay at Kaluku Gili Resort, RM 422 for 2 nights. ( BOOKING.COM)

It's located opposite side of the island from the harbor so we had to take a horse car there since we've got luggages.

Horse car - 100K IDR ( Bargain) or they will ask for 150K IDR.

We were welcomed with really friendly resort staffs and after assisting us with our booking they
brought us to the beach front to have our welcome drink. I swear the pineapple juice were so sweet and fresh!

Cute right? Looks like two people staring at each other while pooping.

After we're done they took us to our bungalow.

These Images were taken from their website as I didn't take any pictures of it and I'm pretty sure you want to know what it looks like for the price that you're going to pay.

Room was beautiful with a romantic ambiance, it has a closet room and a private bathroom.
The shower water was quite salty though, even in the other hotel I stayed in Kuta Lombok was.
So I guess its normal.

You may also rent a bike from the hotel for 40K IDR a day
and snorkeling mask for 20K a day. (Pay when you check out)

The island is really small so all you need is a bike to cycle around and it took us only 15-20 minutes to complete the whole circle of the island.
You get to see the beautiful ocean during the day and at night it's even more fun to cycle.
Making a stop at every bar that has a live band for one song and then start cycling around again.
You don't even need to wear clothes there. I was wearing only my bikini the most of the time. LOL!

First night, we went to the Ombak Sunset swing to catch sunset and had dinner at one of the restaurants there. Sorry I forgot it's name but its exactly in front of this swing.

 Panoramic view.

 This was 200K. Nasi Ayam Kari, Gado Gado (various vegetables in peanut sauce topped with krupuk)
Bintang Beer and Limau Ice.

After we're done we just cycled around and went back to our bangalow and ended the night becuase we were tired from all the traveling.

Day 2 : Snorkeling with turtles, fishies and saw a Manta Ray!

Our hotel helped us booked for our snorkeling trip.
Only 100K per person and they'll take you to all three islands total of 4 different spots.
Provided a snorkel mask and fin.
You'll join a group of other tourist for this and gathering time is at 9 AM at Blue Marine.
Someone will guide you there from the hotel so no worries.

If you want a private tour it's 400K per person where you get to fix your own timing.

It was an amazing adventure. The water was so blue and you can see clearly underwater.

We saw quite a few big turtles at Gili Terawangan and colorful fishes.

Spotted a huge Manta Ray swimming gently beneath us. The locals said that it's rare to be able to spot it but we were lucky! Sadly I didn't have a Water proof casing for my phone. :(
Could only envy those Ang Mos(Caucasian) with their Gopro haha!
It's still vivid in my mind though!

Gili Meno was filled with beautiful Coral Reefs. This is my first time seeing it and it was really pretty! Like "YASSSSSSSSS" you know!

During noon we were brought to Gili Meno for lunch so if you were starving from using all the energy to breath with the mask (it ain't easy, takes practice) then dig in!!! Not too much though, there is one more trip in Gili Air later on.

And the last trip was at Gili Air more fishes to see! I was so tired already but wouldn't lose the chance to witness it so I hop into the water with the rest!



Snorkeling was fun and super cheap, definitely worth a try!

Day 3 Kuta Lombok

After checking out from the hotel we traveled back to Lombok and decided to stay in Kuta Lombok.
Booked a cheap hotel for one night so its easier to travel to the airport the next morning.
Honestly, Kuta wasn't as good as Gili as the beach isn't as pretty and it's pretty busy.
but the food there was great!
Tried out Nasi Padang at Nasi Padang Doa Ibu.
it was goooooooooood that it got me dancing while eating. Not joking!!!
Price was only 42K IDR

Went to the check out the beach and got some photos. Good for strolling around though, nice views of hills and rocks.

To get around the city you can rent a scooter for 80K per day.

I became super tanned from snorkeling the day before. Loving it!

So guys, my time was very limited for this trip.
Didn't get to visit the pretty spot in Lombok.

But if you're going, I'd suggest you to visit Tanjung Aan,Bukit Meresek or Mount Rinjani.
I googled it up and search for the hashtag on insta and found lots of beautiful pictures.
Above are the places I'll visit for my trip to Lombok in the future.

I know it's a super long post. Let me roughly sum up the expenses for one person that only includes hotel, food and transportation. ( 3 days 2 nights in Gili Air )

Private car from Airport - Bangsal Harbour and back- 300K IDR one way. (can fit up to 4 pax, the more people the cheaper you'll chip in.) Total 600K IDR

Public fast boat Bangsal - Gili Air and back - 85K IDR per person one way.
Total 170K IDR

Horse Car to hotel and back to jetty- 100K one way.
Total 200K

 Kaluku Hotel 2 nights- 1,420,000 IDR

Snorkeling - 100K IDR

2 days Bicycle - 80k

Food we roughly spent 150-200K IDR per day so lets set at 600K IDR for 3 days.

Total 3,270,000 (MYR 1022) when I changed my money. Bare in mind all money changers has different rate so this is only an estimation.

Remember to bring extra for souvenirs, or in case of any emergency.
Don't forget to activate your bank card before leaving the country! :)
You might need to withdraw some extra money.

Thank you for reading, hope this will help you plan your trip to lombok!

Made a short video of it, Click the link below to watch it. :)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My life as a Cabin Crew. || Pt.1 ||

Hey guys, I know I haven't been active here for awhile now...
Life has been changing drastically from how it used to be 
and I'm still learning to adapt to it.

If you're friends with me on Facebook or follows me on Insta then you'd already know that 
I've stopped hosting and left the entertainment side and became a cabin crew for Air Asia.

I passed the interview about 4 months ago and started training last June
 and began flying In mid August.
The training duration was 2 months if you were wondering.
It was pretty tough TBH. Lots of memorizing and studying regarding to safety and first aid in such short period of time. Everyone was shitting bricks during exams. LMAO!

So "Why?" is the question that I've been receiving a lot.
The best answer I could give would be, I need a stable job that pays well.
Cabin crew instead of any other jobs? It's because I don't like being stationary and
just sitting down facing the computer for 8 hours a day.

Am I enjoying my job?
It's been alright so far... It's good when I'm working with nice and helpful set of crews.
It's always fun to have someone to talk to especially long hours flight.
I'm glad that I'm learning new things and meeting new people everyday.

It gets a little bit tense when your colleague aren't very nice and you can sense that they dislike you. This doesn't happen often but I would always be prepared for the worse.

I still get stressed out as I'm still trying to familiarize with my duties according to the positions
and working up with my speed especially when it comes to short sectors, I would go haywire and be sweating like crazy yet I have to look on fleek all the time! :\
Apart from that it can be hella tiring.
Sometimes I feel like my legs are about to break after work and the amount of walking we gotta do... my legs got so much toner! LMAO!

Worse scenario? 
Picking up poop from the lavatory floor... I swear I can handle anything in life after that. LOL!
Don't worry, I used 2 layers of gloves and tons of tissues to cover it up and
washed my hands with soap. 
So next time if you see me don't be afraid to shake my hand. :P

Being away from home and my two cats is really difficult. I get supper emotional when I'm not working and being left all alone at home. It makes me misses Lucifer and Kaha badly, the clean food, the gym and my old lifestyle. :(

 Apart from that, I really miss being up on stage and it can be hard to deal with the fact that I am not my own boss anymore and then having to deal with passenger's nuisance and I can't be the real blunt me at work LOLOLOL!

Living in Nilai can get a bit boring especially when my roommate isn't around.
Usually during my day off we would drive down to KL or Putrajaya for some entertainment.
Thank god I have someone fun to live with or I'd probably be dead already. xD

 And yep! I've changed my hair color three times for the past three months LOL.
Back in Penang I have my sponsor (@baptainsaloonudinisquare) to do it for me while 
over here I just use Liese from Watsons. LOL. But still turns out pretty okay I guess. xD

I've been getting a few compliments on my make up from a couple of followers on instagram and believe it or not, it only takes me 10-15 minutes to complete my face now. So if you wanna know how I can make tutorials videos. Let me know in the comments below. :D

So yeah that's basically it for now. Hope you guys enjoy reading this post. Any questions just hit me up and I'll reply all of them in the next post. Adios! :* xx

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bouncy Food Penang | Must Read | Get your discount now!

Get 15% discount of your bill by snapping a photo of your food, upload it on Instagram/Facebook and hashtag #BFOTD17 .

Hello fellow readers! Have you heard of Bouncy Food? Yes? No?

If yes then you're lucky because you guys have tasted some great food and coffee!

To you guys who hasn't heard of it yet, just follow me through this journey okay! I'll take you there with me. :)

Bouncy Food is a restaurant that serve a variety of western cuisine and they specialize in making great burgers. I swear that the burger I had was superb and it was not a surprise when I found out that they started of as a burger joint and it evolved into a restaurant.

Hazelnut Latte.
I ordered a cup of Hazelnut latte while waiting for the food to be served.
I was in cloud nine when the marshmallows melted in my mouth! There's a tiny piece of sweet chocolate on the side too! It's absolutely recommended to coffee lovers like me.
We begin our starter with the SOUP OF THE DAY and on the day we went it was their 
Home Made Mushroom Soup.

The soup really won my heart because my entire life I have never tasted such heart warming mushroom soup. I know this sounds cheesy but let me explain to you guys. 

The mushroom soup we're made with fresh spices and ingredients. I couldn't taste any artificial creamers and it is beyond different from the cans or semi canned ones. I can taste the texture of real mushrooms that were blended semi fine and I can chew some tiny chunks while drinking it.
* I love chewy stuff *

Then the first main course came. 

Bouncy Blue Cheese Gnocchi.
Gnocchi is an Itailian dish that are made out of various thick and soft dough dumplings. *Another chewy dish* YAY! 

Ohhh the smell of cheese! This is specially recommended to all the cheese lovers out there. Just look at the amount of blue cheese coating on the chewy Gnocchi! The taste was on fleek man! 

Just my advice, make sure you have enough space in your stomach to fill them in because its a bit filling. Or get a your friends to whack it together with you. :)

Bouncy Perfection Ultimatum Burger.

Fullamakkkkkkk! Just look at the egg yolk  running down the bacon. 
I was dead and then alive again after eating this beast! 
The burger was filled with a large mushroom, patties, an egg, becon, cheese, and fresh lettuce. Whoa man, all of us really love this one and we really murdered it! Again I said that they are pro at making burgers!
This one gets 11/10! <3

Bouncy Duck Breast.

I am not a fan of duck meat but this one is acceptable in my case! Which is a good thing because the duck didn't have the weird smell they usually give. The ducked were smoked perfectly and it was complement with mashed potato and salad.

Look at this sexy sophisticated Red Velvet cake drizzled in chocolate sauce. It wasn't overly sweet, I'd say it fits wonderfully in my mouth. I could still feel its warmness as it was freshly baked and just taken out from the oven. It was overwhelming and it gave us full satisfactory with our entire meal here at Bouncy Food.

We had a wonderful experience dining here and we'd definitely go back again.
As for you guys, make sure to hit this place up and get 15% discount of your bill by snapping a photo of your food, upload it on Instagram/Facebook and hashtag #BFOTD17 .

Here are the information and directory of getting there : 

Location : Bouncy Food, Jalan Mahsuri, 11950 Penang

Operation Hours : Monday to Friday - 11AM -11PM
                             Saturday - 11AM- 4PM 
                             Close on Sunday.
Call for Reservations  : +60 11-10720511

Facebook Page : Bouncy Food

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's day.

Ahhh. Isn't the time of the year where people are lovey dovey and being striked by cupids?
you guessed it right! This post is about valentine's day.

 Time really went by quick huh? Can't believe this is already our second time celebrating valentine's
 day together.
Thanks for wearing what I got you.

Got this outfits specially for our valentine date.

This dress is made of polyester material it feels soft and silky. Pretty comfortable and Zalora material has never disappoint me yet so far. It was easy to wash and iron off the wrinkles. So I'd rate this 8/10.

Meanwhile for the kimono, I like the color and it doesn't make me sweat but still keep me warm when its chilly. Tho, I kinda dislike the fringe. It gets stuck in a lot of things, pretty annoying honestly. I'd give this a 6.5/10. (FYI: I didn't realize about the fringe when I was ordering it.)
Lesson learnt : Make sure to check in details before purchasing. :) 
 Sadals: Te-Chichi

Close up on my make up. Just a simple matte dusty pink look.
I just got myself a new Cushion foundation from The Body Shop.

I'm satisfied with the coverage it gives and it's not too shiny like many other Cushion foundations.

We celebrated valentines 2 days in advance since I have work on Tuesday and
I don't really like crowded places either. 

So we just went to one of Adrian's favorite place, It's called Spasso Milano.
Dinner date, good food, no crowd and lots of ootd.
This is just perfect for me. <3

So Hard to get a picture of him not doing ugly faces. FINALLY!

First pressie!

Second Present!

Thanks baby, you have been a great boyfriend to me all this while.
Happy second valentine's day everyone! Thanks for dropping by. Leave your comments below of what you think and if you'd like to follow each other.

Bubu Gee Out. XOXO